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Religion And Its Relationship With Porn

There are several wars going on all over the world today. The reality is that wars have gone on since the creation of mankind. And most wars have been fought for every kind of reason. One war presently taking place now is the fight between religion and pornography. The hate-hate relationship religion has with porn, has to do with widespread availability. This refers to all the sex pictures, porn GIFS and pornographic material available. There has never been a greater availability of sex pics and porn GIF images all over the world, as there is today. Porn has gone mainstream and it is visible everywhere. You can see sex pictures, porn GIFS images and anything related to porn on TV shows, movies, music videos and the internet.

The problem now is with those who have strong religious beliefs and are against sex pictures, porn GIFS and porn altogether. They have waged a war on porn and sex pics for ages. For a long time, the religious entities won the war. They had control of what was shown on most media outlets. However, the internet broke open the damn and since then, religion has lost the war with porn. Moreover, the internet has even made it worse for many in the world of religion. Porn gifs, sex pics and anything related to porn can now be found with ease on the web.

Anyone with an internet connection and a Mobil device, can visit any page they wish. A vast majority of people that would never watch porn under any circumstance, now do so. Years ago, it was a complicated thing for people to enjoy a porn movie, view sex pics or porn GIFS. Even though some movie theaters showed porn movies, no respectable person would be caught dead in there.

Your only choice was buying a sex tape and watching it at home. Or buying a magazine to see sex pictures. And even that was considered a ‘sin’ or taboo. Once computers and smartphones became so easily available, the availability of porn increased as well. It is now very easy for anyone to see porn GIFS images, sex pics and other porn material. In addition, those that belonged to religious groups, had members who resulted in becoming addicted to sex pics and porn gif images.

It is one thing to be seen entering a porn theater or buying a dirty magazine full of sex pictures. But it is quite another to walk away from porn when you can view porn gifs and sex pics from the comfort of your home or at work. Many people who had once waged war on porn due to their religious beliefs, had now fallen victims of porn addiction. Some studies show that those with stronger religious beliefs, often wind up becoming addicted to pornography. In many cases, with a far stronger addiction than those who never believed in religion in the first place. Researchers speculate that the restrictions placed on sex pics, porn gifs images and porn material by their religion, increased their thirst for it.

Porn can be compared to the original sin. That was when Adam and Eve where commanded by God to never touch the forbidden fruit. Ultimately, Adam and Eve disobeyed God, ate the Apple and were thrown out of the garden of Eden. Since then, humans have been obsessed with things that they cannot have. This applies to those who are in some form of religious organization. Sex pictures, animated porn GIFS and other pornographic material, is their forbidden fruit. But, unlike Adam and Eve whom God could see in the garden of Eden, no one can see these people watching porn at home or work.

Being able to access millions of sex pics and porn GIFS images without anyone seeing you, is what makes the internet what it is today. The war on porn by religion, has been lost. Not only that, porn is winning because it has now infiltrated the very ranks of religious members. It is as if porn is enjoying itself in the irony of it all. What the religious leaders are experiencing – or its members are going through – is both rueful and ironic. These are the same people who spent so much time telling others to stay away from porn gifs, sex pics and pornography. Now, they find many of their own members falling victims to the ‘disease’ they once tried to cure others of.

There is no doubt that the war on pornography will continue. Religion has very strong views and beliefs on the subject of porn. On the other hand, porn represents the total opposite. The internet has pitted these two against each other and is the clear winner. There is no shortage of sex pictures or porn gifs on the web today. In fact, there are now more sex pics and gifs of porn available on the web than ever before. The internet is a portal into the world of pornography and religion cannot stop it anymore. To show its force, the internet enticed and swallowed many religious members into the world of porn as revenge.